160 pages, with a special lay flat binding. $12.00   When it comes to which foods offer the best “medicine”, green leafy vegetables are among the best. The health benefits of regularly including green leafy vegetables in the diet are nothing short of miraculous. Based on the latest health research, there is no doubt that plant foods, especially green leafy vegetables, can reduce the risk of many of the diseases that plague modern people including heart disease and cancer, the two biggest killers in the United States today. Most people are unfamiliar with these foods, and in this cookbook the author provides practical and delicious ways to fix these foods. In giving yourself this book, you will give yourself the gift of better health. This cookbook describes more than 35 dark green leafy vegetables, and over 100 recipes to serve them. The recipes include quick and easy preparations as well as more elaborate main dishes. The recipes are for those new to dark green leafy vegetables, cooks who need more ideas -and inspiration in preparing greens, and anyone who wants to learn more about how to enjoy these nutritious foods. WRITING Linda Diane Feldt