WRITING Linda Diane Feldt What is a serialized subscription? What I've arranged is for a "book" to be emailed as 52 stories or chapters. Each Monday morning, for one year, you will be sent the next story, chapter, or recipe as part of your subscription. Why not just publish a book? I've done that three times. I'm happy with the results, but ran into a number of problems. Completing a book and handing it over to the printer means there are no more edits, no more additions, no easy way to do updates and also limited communication with person buying the book. I have always wanted to go back to each book and do a rewrite soon after. It is also a substantial investment of money to bring a book to completion, including printing. I can have more publications out with more ability to control content using this method. Can I join at any time? Yes. The default option is that you will be sent the next e-mail once your subscription is processed. You will be sent 52 chapter, the full year, no matter when you start. If you prefer to receive all the stories or recipes you "missed" and that other people have seen, let me know and we can send them to you all at once. What if I don't like it? The refund policy is generous and fair. I don't want unhappy subscribers! Just ask, and I'll send a refund prorated for the remaining part of the subscription. If you haven't liked it at all, I can send a full refund. Physical books can be returned, shipping and handling costs will not be refunded but the purchase price will be. Can I share the PDF file with other people? I hope that you'll be fair and supportive. If your intent is to let other people know about this great thing they can subscribe to, please feel free. If your intent is to circumvent the system and take advantage of my trust, please don't. If you have questions about this please ask. I believe I can do better by not having rigid policies and fears. Let's make this an experiment that proves that. It is not OK to sell, put on a web site, or distribute the PDFs to multiple users without permission. What is the forum link all about? With every PDF sent, there will be a link to a forum where you can post comments, give feedback, and interact with other readers. These are living active works, and will benefit from your comments. Participation is certainly optional, but is encouraged. What if the subscription has already started and I want to join? You can join at any time. The default is that you will just receive the next story, chapter, or recipe in line. If you prefer to receive the stories already sent out please let me know. Other places do this for free. Why do I have to pay? Or why not pay for just the chapters I want? I would like to spend more of my time writing. Having a portion of my income come from writing will help me to be able to do that. I considered a voluntary program for each chapter, but this is easier to market, and to administer. It is also a more reliable revenue stream. It is an experiment. As for paying per chapter, this will end up far cheaper for most people. How do I sign up? You can subscribe using paypal or google checkout. Please note the start date. You'll get a confrmation right away, but the start dates for each work are staggered. Other questions? Contact me at writing(at)lindadianefeldt.com