142 pages, $12.00   "Dying Again is a fascinating holographic image built up layer by layer of a multitude of images and voices. It is to be read and savored — as poetry, as an ease to grief, as a glimpse along the private road marked 'This way to Death.' Don't put it off until tomorrow. Read it now." — Susun S. Weed, internationally acclaimed herbalist and author Barbara Feldt died in April of 1993. She was the mother of David, Linda Diane, and Laurie Feldt and the wife of Allan Feldt. This book is a unique forum showcasing her poetry and short stories, as well as contributions from the rest of her family. This special collection addresses many of the issues and concerns of the dying process: grieving, letting go, considering suicide, healing relationships, sharing stories, and finding humor in rare moments. This book is an honest and at times intensely moving portrayal of an Ann Arbor family and how they coped with terminal illness. This book has been of benefit to others coping with death and dying. WRITING Linda Diane Feldt