WRITING Linda Diane Feldt In a few of the stories from “Cultivate Curiosity and Anticipate Miracles: Observations of Life” I’ve tried to say something about how I got to where I am now. Acknowledgements are a similar story, recognizing the people who made this possible. An impossible task, really. But I have a few ideas of who has been most helpful. For as long as I can remember, I’ve written stories. My parents Barbara and Allan Feldt were my first editors. I learned that a good critique can be an act of love, and a good copy editor is amazing. My brother David has also helped, and his most common advice remains the same: use fewer words. I’m grateful to have Nico Curtis available who has taken my concepts and made them both real and better than I imagined. He is a talented graphic artist, you can find him at nicocurtis.com.  Laura Meisler is a great friend and an excellent editor. I do perceive her editing as love. Tom Bowes may not have known what he was getting into when he became part of my life. His steadfast constant support matters, as well as finding ways to help in ways I didn’t know I needed it. Feeling loved and safe is yet another way to inspire writing. I thank Tom for that. I’ve chosen an odd and innovative format. I couldn’t have launched without encouragement. Ian Feldt is at the top of that list, working with me through half formed ideas, offering suggestions, and making it live on the web. I found random ideas, concepts, and support from a group of mostly tech geeks who meet for lunch each Thursday, the A2B3 group “organized” by Ed Vielmetti. He has assembled an unlikely assortment of intelligent, interesting, and engaging people. Not only have I captured and tried out ideas with the group, many of the members were the first to purchase subscriptions. There are stories and experiences I am now making public that include real people. If real names are given, you will know who they are. If names are changed or left out, I remain thankful for the role each person played and I hope telling the story is seen as tribute.   It is a little dangerous to list friends and colleagues who have also helped. With the certainty I am leaving someone out (but with digital format I can always add them back in…). For so many individual reasons I also thank Joanne Motino Bailey, Stephen and Blanche Price,  Bill Zirinsky, Sally Ann Payton, Curt Holtz, Gordon and Cheryl White, Jessica Webster Sendra, Laura Ghiron, Gary Hochgraf,, Beth Barbeau, Max Heirich, Laura Staebler, Laurie White, Suzie Zick, Rita Benn, John Hilton, Mary Morgan and Dave Askins. Check back for updates and additions… Linda Diane Feldt November, 2011